How to Build a Culture of Innovation

Continuing our series of white papers on culture transformation in service of operational excellence, Co-Creation Partners is excited to share the story of Arconic Technology Center (ATC). Whereas our previous research focused on continuous improvement in the manufacturing sector, here we encounter a research and development organization that transformed itself into an innovation powerhouse for its parent company. Read More.

How to build an award-winning OpEx Culture

In December 2015, Co-Creation Partners wrote a white paper on the future of operational excellence (OpEx) that was downloaded by over a thousand members of the Process Excellence (PEX) community. In January 2016, the Wyandotte, Michigan site of BASF Corporation,1 the organization featured in the paper, won the Process Excellence (PEX) Network award for Most Innovative Approach to Driving Culture Change. The first question asked of the awards panel was directed to BASF: “How did you do it?” Read More

The Future of Operational Excellence

This White Paper suggests a radical new approach to operational transformation:
Make the human system – the organizational culture – the focus of improvement efforts. Culture work that brings together fundamental personal transformation and system transformation lays a robust foundation for operational excellence by dissolving resistance, building passion and fostering commitment (not just compliance). This approach yields results far in excess of traditional efforts and produces sustainable gains that continue to grow over time. Read more