Transformation that sticks

At the core of our work is an experiential process that respects the individual, encouraging them to move to a point of choice – not one that is enforced or imposed. We have ventured into the worlds of psychology, social interaction theory, physics, physiology and philosophy to bring together understandings of what drives and transforms human behavior. The key is to truly help people to understand: What are our limiting mindsets? What are our assumptions? What are our values and what are our fears that have been holding us back from living our full potential?

Our experience has proven that five elements of the environment are required to create a holistic transformation system:

Powerful story
A powerful story that connects with people and fosters commitment.

Role modeling
Is there enough role modeling and are we really tapping into the true influencers – not only the high-performers but also the troublemakers and gossipers?

Formal systems aligned with the transformation
Organizational systems and processes that reinforce the changes we are trying to make.

People having the right skills and capabilities
Thoughtful investment in skills and opportunities to support the ‘new way.’

Effective Communication
Non-traditional communication that engages the organization and creates pull for the program

Our Process: Diagnostic, program design, delivering results.

We start by identifying the key culture shifts required to transform performance through a series of in-depth interviews, focus groups and targeted, comprehensive measurement tools across the organization. Once we have a thorough understanding of the situation and have emerged with key themes and aligned them with your leadership team, we work with you to architect a targeted transformation program. As an example, there may be a need to move from micro-management, silos and internal politics to trust, transparency and accountability. Based on our findings, we architect a transformation program specific to your objectives.

There are two parts required to achieve and sustain a peak-performance culture.

One is transforming the environment in which people operate, and the other is transforming the individual. If we don’t do both, sustainable transformation will not happen.