Transformation that sticks starts with the individual

At the core of our work is an experiential process that respects the individual, encouraging them to move to a point of choice – not one that is enforced or imposed. We have ventured into the worlds of psychology, social interaction theory, physics, physiology and philosophy to bring together understandings of what drives and transforms human behavior. The key is to truly help people to understand: What are our limiting mindsets? What are our assumptions? What are our values and what are our fears that have been holding us back from learning, adapting, problem solving and creating at our full potential?

Doing the “soft” work first allows “hard” adaptations in structures and processes to flow with ease as individuals show up at work differently and take ownership of the changes they can make. People are empowered to respond to themselves, others and their environments differently. They develop self-awareness, identify limiting beliefs, and become willing to step out of a victim mindset (which resists change) to a mastery mindset (which looks for solutions). In larger groups, employees align values and cultivate interpersonal abilities that facilitate effective communication.

A holistic transformation system is needed to reinforce and sustain individual transformation and translate it into business impact.

There are 5 elements in a holistic transformations system

Powerful story
A powerful story that connects with people and fosters commitment.

Role modeling
Role modeling of the new way by formal leadership as well as key influencers. Key influencers in an organization are not necessarily only the high-performers, they could equally be the “troublemakers” and “hubs of the gossip chain”.

Systems and processes aligned with the transformation
Organizational systems and processes that reinforce the transformation we are seeking to create.

People having the right skills, capabilities and tools
Thoughtful investment in skills, capabilities and tools to support the ‘new way.’

Effective Communication
Non-traditional communication that engages the organization at a heart and mind level and creates pull for the transformation.

  • We work in small, highly skilled teams
  • We deliver workshops and facilitate problem solving sessions
  • We develop trust-based coaching relationships
  • Although deep experts, we have a learning orientation
  • We integrate with working teams to co-create solutions and build capabilities
  • We drive meaningful business impact within a spirit of co-creation and partnership