While there are some fundamental building blocks to all our efforts, our engagements are co-created with our clients and deeply customized to suit their specific situations.

Our services range from full end-to-end business transformations to highly targeted team interventions addressing specific issues. This means that no two Co-Creation engagements look the same and we ongoingly adapt and renew our service lines to ensure targeted results.

The examples below illustrate our capability range however we welcome conversations to explore the specific needs of your organization.

Culture and Operational Transformation Programs

We address the specific needs of an organization and define and implement organization-wide journeys that create a culture of continuous improvement and learning. We utilize multiple disciplines such as lean, agile, design thinking, strategy development, system thinking, organization development, psychology and spirituality and build practices and behaviors to embed the transformation deeply within the DNA of the organization.

Top Team Effectiveness

We co-create exceptional outcomes for top teams via a high-performance team journey that works across 3 dimensions of performance:

• The It Dimension: Purpose, vision and strategy, portfolio prioritization and decision-making

• The We Dimension: Trust, engaging in difficult conversations, and collective accountability

• The I Dimension: Self-awareness, personal mastery, and accountability

Change Management

We co-create and deploy interventions that account for both the human and process dimension of any large-scale transformation (e.g., in sales, technology, marketing, mergers/acquisitions) to address resistance and build deep commitment, reduce waste and deliver value.

Capability Building

We build capabilities within the client organization (technical, change management, facilitation) to rollout culture and operational transformation programs independent of long-term external support.

Targeted Problem Solving

We facilitate one-off efforts/workshops that allow client organizations to co-create breakthrough solutions. Specific approaches include strategy development, visioning, rapid improvement events, and value stream mapping.

Coaching for Senior Leadership

We work with key senior leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness focusing on both leadership and fundamental business aspects.


Using both quantitative and qualitative tools we conduct quick yet deep assessments of the organization and individual leaders to measure the culture, individual effectiveness and technical capabilities of the organization.