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Facilitator, Consultant

I’ve been captivated with transformation, with human potential, and with living an authentic, aligned, engaged and meaningful life since my introduction to this work in 1995. I see how transformation, a shift in root perspective or worldview, creates profound and permanent shifts in how I experience my life and my work and it’s my passion to assist others in experiencing rapid transformation.

I began to share this work as a facilitator 4 years ago and I draw on my ability to deliver clear communications, to ask the right questions and to facilitate insights that get at the heart of the truth with compassion. My skill is in providing a safe atmosphere for personal discovery, with sharp insight and wisdom during the process. I’ve had the privilege of facilitating Change Leaders work, which gave me the opportunity to connect with the same group of people over a period of time. I was able to see them transform as individuals from session to session and I knew this particular vehicle of sharing transformation was the most effective I had come across in nearly 2 decades. I feel very honored to be part of an organization that delivers a concise and impactful program with tools that took me years to gather on my own.

In addition to facilitating our core transformation programs across the U.S., I’ve developed internal client capability initiatives through program design, facilitation and resource development for both facilitator and coach training.

Before dedicating my career to transformation, my business background was as an entrepreneur. I have founded both a graphic communications company and a boutique brand strategy agency. I’ve enjoyed working with notable clients such as FedEx and SAP, as well as launching start-ups via unique messaging and identity platforms. As head of strategy, I’ve led experiential focus groups as well as deep probe interviews to understand my client’s authentic point of difference. Bringing that message to life through various communication channels was very creative and yet, running a branding agency was also akin to being on a proverbial “stress-mill”, and  there was something missing… meaning and purpose.

I am a Landmark Education ILP Leadership Program graduate and ILP Coach (past program). I have practitioner certifications in Core Belief Engineering
 and Communications Clearing modalities. In my free time I enjoy yoga and Zumba, relaxing with a good book, seeing a great movie, going to art shows, and dining with family and friends. My love for my daughter Alexandra continues to be my inspiration.



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