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I am fascinated by how humans tick and where limiting patterns may hamper performance or cloud the authentic self. My passion centers around empowering human connection, striving for excellence in collaboration. The most fulfilling times in my life have been moments of seamless teamwork: individuals in flow with each other, listening, responding, offering, complementing, and completing.  What drives me is the possibility of the individual at their most powerful and resonant, and at the same time highly tuned into the whole. I believe that is the place where incredible things are possible.

My journey into the field of transformation took me from a deep study of becoming an actor, to teaching the art of storytelling to performers, to facilitating learning programs in organizations. Over the years, I understood that the craft of an actor has profound applicability in forming and transforming organizational culture: to be present, to listen, to connect, and to tell a compelling story. In my work as a facilitator, I am able to employ this skillset and create a learning environment that inspires trust and the willingness to go beyond the known.

With Co-Creation Partners, I have been involved in designing and delivering goals and aspiration workshops, experiential teambuilding components for senior leaders of a medical device client, and presence programs in support of the culture transformation effort at a financial services client. Additionally, I have created learning programs on the topics of ‘intercultural communication’ and ‘mindfulness and tech overload’ for clients across multiple industries. In my role as an executive coach, I partner with clients in the areas of presence and communication, and goals and aspirations. I am honored to work as an external coach at an international consulting firm to serve senior partners in their professional development.

I began my professional career as an actor working in numerous theater productions including shows at the acclaimed American Repertory Theater in Boston, MA as well as the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York. My favorite role was playing the character of Mozart in Peter Schaffer’s Amadeus at Toledo Museum of the Art’s Peristyle Theatre. On screen, I have appeared in feature films as well as on TV shows including the Blacklist (CBS) and Person of Interest (NBC).

Originally hailing from Munich, Germany, I made my way to the United States for studies at Wesleyan University (BA with honors) and Columbia University (MFA). Further professional development in experiential learning methodologies led me to becoming a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner and authorized Synapsing® teacher.

In my spare time, I love to ski, play soccer and tennis. While I like the competitive aspect of sports, it is the spirit of community and play that fulfills me. I also love cooking a great meal, hosting friends, and working in the garden. Being in nature, ideally mountaineering gives me energy and stillness at once. Time spent with my wife and children is my touchstone and source of joy.

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