I love understanding how complex systems drive or hinder efficient and high-quality outcomes and when the systems are struggling, designing and implementing new and better ones.    Over the last 11 years that is what I’ve been lucky enough to do.

Law school to me was the study of the rules to the system that we call our society.  What are people allowed to do, what is prohibited, how do we discourage negative behavior, and whether the rules promote positive outcomes or friction in our society.

After law school at Harvard, I got to be part of one of the largest system analysis and improvement exercises on earth when I returned to Iraq  (my previous experience in Iraq was as a Marine platoon commander during the invasion in 2003). I worked with the Iraqi Transportation Network on a program to enhance stability in Iraq by empowering tribal leaders and building economic linkages between sheikhs so that their financial incentives, and the US’ security incentives aligned to bring down violence.  Over 18 months I got to see violence fall as we implemented our system in different provinces and I knew that I wanted to keep doing large analysis, design and implementation projects that would help people live better.

I was lucky enough to meet Mark Minukas in McKinsey & Co’s DC office where we worked on large scale process redesign efforts where we would embed in Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to analyze their systems and processes, understand the friction points and then design and implement solutions to bring efficiency to leaders and a more empowering and dynamic professional life to employees.

In addition to working with Co-Creation Partners I am passionate about how government uses, or fails to use, technology to bring services to American citizens and steward our nation’s finances.  To support this mission I co-founded Eastern Foundry, an incubator and resource center for technology companies interested in bringing solutions to the government, and through the education and facilitation services that we provide shape the system of government to bring better outcomes to every American.

Consulting Services

Gaurav Bhatnagar

Gaurav Bhatnagar Managing Partner

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Mark Minukas Partner

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Susan Faull Facilitator, Consultant

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Geoff Orazem Consultant

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Cindy Swank Consultant/ Facilitator

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Marni Fechter Consultant/ Facilitator

Oliver Henzler

Oliver Henzler Consultant/ Facilitator

Kathy Robinson

Kathy Robinson Consultant/ Facilitator

Support Services

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Andreas Skourides Project Manager

Shobha Nayar

Shobha Nayar Partner, Finance and Operations


Jasmeen Hamilton

Jasmeen Hamilton Past Partner, Chief Operations Officer