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I have dedicated the last 11 years of my professional life to working co-creatively with organizations to deliver performance and culture transformations and enhance leadership development. I have been a trusted advisor/ coach/ counsellor to C-suite and other senior leaders in the process of transforming their organizations.

My journey in this space started with work that my colleagues and I I did on ourselves  and our organization at McKinsey and Company, South Africa. After many failed attempts, we were able to step change both performance and employee engagement and make the Johannesburg office one of the best performing offices across the McKinsey system. Just as importantly, after many years I felt an enormous sense of well-being and vitality from connecting to meaning and developing a deep awareness of my internal processes and mindsets.

Since then I have applied my expertise in both designing such programs and facilitating experiential workshops that drive transformational shifts for Top Teams and front-line employees successfully. As part of these engagements I have counselled and coached hundreds of senior leaders as they lead their organizations through these transformations, with a special focus on coaching them on personal mastery, difficult conversations and strategic thinking.

I have worked across multiple industries (financial services, basic materials, manufacturing, health care, high tech) and business challenges (operational improvements, high performance culture, mergers, sales transformations, turnarounds). Some of my recent work includes:

  • Leading the change management and culture transformation aspects of a lean transformation at a leading Chemical manufacturer in North America (informal coaching relationship with SVP Operations)
  • Creating and implementing a comprehensive Performance Transformation (strategy, culture, organization design and Top Team Effectiveness) program for a Leading Health System in Southern US (coached CEO and two other members of the leadership team)
  • Conducting a yearlong Top Team leadership development program for leading Children’s Hospital in the US
  • Leading the creation of a peak performance culture in the R&D Department of a Fortune 100 manufacturing company
  • Facilitating and leading the integration of culture in the merger of 3 large not for profit organizations in NY (coached CEOs of all three organizations)
  • Creating a mission based peak performance culture for a global NGO operating in over 15 countries (currently coaching the CEO on personal mastery and dealing with the board)
  • Leading the change management and culture transformation aspects of a lean transformation at a leading insurance provider with a social mission in North America

Prior to founding Co-Creation Partners, I worked with McKinsey and Company for 11 years, most recently as a leader in their Organization practice in North America and before that in South Africa and the Marketing Practice, North America. Before McKinsey, I worked with Pepsi Cola International and Procter & Gamble within their marketing organizations in Europe, the Middle East and India. I have an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and a B.A. Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

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