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The Future of Operational Excellence
February, 2016

Co-Creation attended the 2016 PEX conference, the premier process excellence forum for innovative solutions to current business process challenges. Released in advance, our white paper – on how making the ‘human system’ the focus of transformation efforts manifests extraordinary results – made quite a stir. But the message became clear when our client BASF Corporation won the award for Most Innovative Approach to Driving Culture Change. Awareness around the need to create a high performance culture ran high at the conference, but the ‘how’ was a bit trickier. In fact, the first question to the winner’s panel asked BASF “How the heck did you do it?” Read our case study for answers!

Winners photo: Gaurav Bhatnagar, Co-Creation Partners with Mark Pellow, Anne Miller and Greg Pflum, BASF Corporation.


Manifesting Breakthrough Business Results Special Event
June, 2015

We had a visceral desire to share our latest thinking on manifestation and creating breakthrough business results, and we lived the process of manifestation to bring our desire to life. We were thrilled to launch the first of our ‘Manifestation Dialogues’ at a breakfast briefing in downtown Manhattan. Surrounded by an atmosphere of innovation and creativity, business leaders gathered and an important dialogue began.

Managing partner Gaurav Bhatnagar led a presentation and conversation on using the principles of manifestation to solve current business challenges, including the increasing need for organizations to continually reinvent themselves to remain competitive. Hearing the latest thinking on achieving breakthrough results as well as new perspectives on historical transformation approaches, leaders learned how seeing the “unseen” was critical to manifesting the results they desire. Follow us for news @CoCreationTeam

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Activating Manifestation
July, 2014

As most of our clients know, Co-Creation travels each year as an organization to different parts of the world to study different spiritual traditions as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver yet-unthinkable access routes to peak performance. This year Co-Creation Partners travelled to Jerusalem to explore and learn from the inherent power and wisdom there. It’s fundamental to our work as co-creators to experientially evolve and continually expand ourselves into our full potential, and the magic of Jerusalem moved us to new heights of understanding and possibility.

With Jonti Mayer as our guide, we individually and collectively journeyed through inner and outer landscapes and we are incredibly excited to integrate our learnings into our offer. Stay tuned… we’re committed to making this trip a powerful game-changer for ourselves and the clients we serve.

In the meantime, here is a snapshot of our time there.